Photography by Mr. Pawel Litwinski

(Source:, via dsng101)


Transparent Parisian Home

Tucked away in a small backstreet in Paris, this fine example of modern house architecture is outstanding amongst its more traditional neighbours.

Designed by Aude Borromee Architecte, outside a simple climbing plant has been encouraged to grow along the metalwork of the facade of this stunning home to integrate the lovely modern house architecture with its more historic setting. All this house needs now is to be occupied, loved and brought to life.


David Ogle

Ultraviolet Thread Installations



Mexican design studio Anagrama has designed a red hot identity for Red Berry, a shoe store looking to adopt the typical American footwear retailer / outlet store vibe. The idea of the store is to introduce the American concept of providing branded footwear at affordable prices for the general public.



Sky Catcher House | acaa Japan, 2012.